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Senior Collection

Saving Grace F/W 2023

This is my senior collection. This encompasses everything I have learned during my time at Washington State University. I went through the process of developing a brand, marketing strategies, trend forecasting and research, consumer research, designing, patternmaking, prototyping, fitting, and creating the final garments. This collection symbolizes the struggle with mental health that many young Americans experience and is meant to start a conversation among viewers.

Brand Design

Insanity Logo
Brand Concept
Demographics & Geographics
Psychographics & Behaviors
Marketing Strategies
Trend Forecasting

Design and Development

Look 1 Sketch
Mask Flats
Look 1 Bodice Pattern
Look 1 Dress Pattern
Look 1 Prototype
Look 1 Prototype
Look 1 Prototype
Look 2 Anorexia Sketch
Anorexia Flats
Look 2 Half-Scale Draping
Look 2 Bodice & Skirt Patterns
Look 2 Sleeve Patterns
Look 3 Sketch
Depression Flats
Look 2 Pants Patterns
Look 3 Bodice Pattern
Look 4 Body Dysmorphia Sketch
Body Dysmorphia Flats
Look 4 Half-Scale Drape Pieces
Look 4 Half-Scale Patterns
Look 4 Half-Scale Sleeve Patterns
Look 4 Bodice Patterns
Look 4 Sleeve Pattern
Look 4 Skirt, Collar, and Under Sleeve Patterns
Look 4 Sleeve Prototype
Look 5 Sketch
Suicide Flats
Look 5 Bodice and Gusset Patterns
Look 5 Skirt Patterns
Look 5 Prototype
Look 5 Prototype

Final Garments

Studio Photographs

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