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Brand Design Visual Marketing

This visual merchandising project was designing a business from scratch. I designed logos, social media platforms, banners, sales, and more.

Floor Plan
Small Logo
Twitter Home Page
Twitter Post 1
Twitter Post 2
Twitter Post 3
Twitter Post 4
Instagram Post 1
Instagram Post 2
Facebook Home Page
Facebook Post 1
Facebook Post 2
Hanging Banner 1
Hanging Banner 2
Bag Stuffer 1
Hanging Banner 3
Bag Stuffer 2
Bag Stuffer 3
Digital Banner 1
Digital Banner 2
Digital Banner 3

Clo Dress Design

This was my first time doing anything with 3D Clo. I used Photoshop and Illustrator to create the patterns, and Illustrator for the tech flats. I created the 2D patterns in Clo and draped them in the 3D window.

Tech Flats
Lemon Print
Flower Print
Splash Print
Patterns Before Draping
Draped Dress
Lemon Dress Front
Lemon Dress 3/4
Flower Dress 3/4
Slash Dress 3/4

Cape Dress

I used pattern drafting to create the patterns for this dress. The main goal of this project was to learn pattern matching. The dress ended up fitting well, and I'm happy with how the pattern matching turned out. The cape was added for warmth and it attaches with buttons.

Final Cape Dress
Pattern Matching
Patter Marking
Exposed Zipper
Top Stitching
Matched Plaid
Button on Cape

Draping Formal Wear

This Gown was created as the final project for a draping class. I learned a lot about how I handle stressful situations from the process of creating this gown. The gown was made from start to finish in about a week and a half. As you can imagine that short timeline had its fair share of stressful situations and long nights. It was all worth it in the end.

Supportive Bodice Drape
Supportive Bodice Drape 2
Pleated Bodice
Skirt Drape Front
Skirt Drape Back
Lining Skirt Fitting Front
Lining Skirt Fitting Back
Ling Skirt Fitting 3/4
Overlay Cutting
Horsehair Braid Hem Ironing
Horsehair Braid Hemming
Waist Tspe
Fitting Before Adding Zipper
Lots of Fabric!
Organza Heat Sealing
Final Gown Front
Final Gown 3/4
Final Gown Back
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