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Inside Strong Fierce Beautiful

What drives someone to a career or feeds their passion? For me it's helping people. Clothes play a huge role in how others see us and how we see ourselves. It can be hard to express ourselves through clothing. 

My name is Ciara MacDonald. I have wanted to be a fashion designer since I was eight years old, and that is when I learned how to sew. I am a senior at Washington State University, studying Fashion design and Web Development. Through my courses, I have found a passion in helping others learn and find confidence. I have also developed my own off the beaten path style.

I added Web Development as a second major my last semester of my Fashion Design program. I enjoy every aspect of designing whether it's research, solutions, clothes, graphics, or human interaction with the digital world.

I have worked in retail and corporate environments. My first job was as a bicycle mechanic doing hands on work fixing bicycles. I then became a visual merchandiser and sales person at that same shop setting up window displays and organizing the sales floor while still preforming some mechanic duties. Currently, I work for an electrical engineering company as a marketing intern. In this role I  am mainly focused on data hygiene projects in Salesforce and Account Engagement (formerly Pardot). I also work cross functionally withing marketing and other divisions such as Sales & Customer Service and Information Services.

I look forward to learning more in my classes and applying my new skills to jobs now and in the future.

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