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Graphic Design Portfolio

From designing my own brand to classwork projects, take a look though my graphic design projects and experiments.

3D graphics 2.png
Honeycomb 3D_edited.jpg
Bubble Effect.png
Terrain Map Teal.png
Terrain Map Coral.png
Philly This Primary Logo.png

Philly This Rebranding

Philly This is a philly cheesesteak food truck owned by my uncle. This project is how I would rebrand the company with updated logos and a color scheme. I included the existing and previous logos and what I like and dislike about them. I then tried to incorporate those elements into the new logos. Along with logos, I added typography and color schemes to make branding more consistent. This is just a hypothetical rebranding project.

Philly This Brand Guide
Philly This Previous and Existing Logos
Philly This Branding Elements
Philly This Redesigned Logos
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