Save Your Sweaters

Updated: Sep 30

So, what did you do? Did you buy a new sweater, but you aren't sure how to take care of it? Or, maybe you just need to wash your favorite sweater.

Sweaters are pretty easy to take care of once you get the hang of it.

Be gentle.

The yarns in most sweaters are made from staple fibers. Staple fibers are short fibers that require twisting to form yarn. Generally, the tighter the twist the stronger the yarn. The looser the twist the softer and more comfortable the yarn. Sweaters tend to have looser yarns for comfort. Scrubbing your sweaters or running them through the washing machine can weaken the yarn or create pills on the surface on your sweater.

Let's start with washing sweaters.

I always recommend hand washing sweaters, unless the care tag says dry clean only. I also recommend only washing your sweater occasionally (think every 5-7 wears)

  1. Fill a sink with lukewarm water. Leave plenty of room for submerging the sweater(s).

  2. Add your favorite detergent and mix. I use liquid detergent, but sheet, pod, and power detergents work. I use about 1/4 cup of liquid detergent per 4 gallons of water.

  3. Submerge your sweater(s), and gently stir or swish the water. Let soak for 10-20 minutes, depending on how dirty your sweater is.

  4. Drain the water from the sink. Squish the water out of your sweater to temporarily remove the sweater(s).

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 with fabric conditioner. Soaking your sweaters in fabric conditioner helps them stay softer for longer.

  6. Once you have squished (do not wring your sweaters) the water out of your sweater(s) as best you can, lay the sweater(s) flat on a towel. Tightly role the towel to assist in the drying process. Let sit in the towel for about 10 minutes.

  7. Remove from the towel, and lay flat to dry either on a drying rack or on a towel. It may take up to 48 hours to dry depending on the room temperature.

Storing your sweaters

Storing your sweaters is an important part of caring for them. Hanging sweaters can distort the shape of the sweater and lead to an unflattering silhouette.

Personally, I don't have much space for folded clothes. I use the KonMari method of folding to save space, especially with my chunky knit sweaters, but you can fold your sweaters as you please.

If you are storing sweaters for the summer keep them in a cool dry place, and ensure they are completely dry before storing.

Enjoy your clean and soft sweaters for years to come!

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