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DTC 206 Digital Inclusion - Unit 1 Reflection

Unit 1 covered what digital inclusion means. After completing the unit, I would define digital inclusion as technology with internet access that is that is affordable, accessible, and widely available. Environments that are inclusive should be available to everyone regardless of race, gender, disability, or socioeconomical status.

I think that digital spaces benefit from being inclusive because it widens the thought variety brough into a spaces, creates a more connected community, and it can allow people to connect with people they lost contact with. Today, access to the internet is even needed to get a job.

It can be challenging to create an inclusive space both physical or digital. Some challenges are that the people that create some digital spaces have no control over the price of the technology needed to access it, digital spaces have a natural barrier that is hard to overcome for many older people, and there will always be another barrier that effects the inclusiveness of a space.

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